Mauricio Pochettino Spurs to replace Unai Emery
Pochettino Spurs

Liverpool are currently the favourites to beat Spurs in the Champions League final which is scheduled to be played at the Metropolitano next month.

According to former Liverpool star Stephen Warnock, the Anfield outfit will have an upper hand vs Spurs since they have learnt a lot from their failures during last year’s UCL final loss to Real Madrid.

“Liverpool’s experience of having been in three European cup finals in three years will be key because they know what to expect in the build-up to the game and the hype around it, the expectation,” the ex-Liverpool star said.

“I think Liverpool have that advantage.

“I look at Tottenham and think they can beat them, but the biggest fear is getting beaten by them. That is the biggest worry because to get to a Champions League final and then get beaten by another team from the Premier League is a tough pill to swallow.”

But Warnock has also made it clear that the shackles are off for Spurs and they will probably throw the kitchen sink at Liverpool when the two sides meet each other.

Warnock added: “There is always that pressure that if you lose you’ve lost the Champions League final – you’ve got to swallow that for the rest of your life.

“But they’re quite a youngish squad and they might think they may not have this opportunity again in their careers.

“Reaching the Champions League final is a great achievement and they might think the ‘pressure is off, enjoy the game’.

“That’s the way I think you have to look at it when you are playing in an event like this. You try to put it to the back of your mind and play with a freedom.”

Liverpool have been exceptional form this season but Spurs have the change to win the Champions League trophy without spending a single penny in the transfer market during the past two transfer windows.

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