Ole Solskjaer Man United
Ole Solskjaer Man United

Injuries are a part and parcel of the game but sometimes, crucial injuries can really alter the course of a club’s season.

And right now Tottenham Hotspur might be the club which understands this scenario the best.

talkSPORT has compiled a list of the clubs which have suffered the most number of injuries during the 2018-19 season of the Premier League and Spurs ranked pretty high on that list with 28 injuries.

Pochettino recently has lost players like Harry Kane and Dele Alli to injuries which seem to have turned the whole season around for the Lilywhites.

Liverpool have suffered 26 injuries this season with the likes of Dejan Lovren and Trent Alexander Arnold suffering crucial blows.

But Chelsea, on the other hand, are one of those few top clubs which has been able to largely remain injury free.

Having said all this though, the club with the most number of injuries this season might very well be the happiest of all the Premier League clubs right now.

Clubs with the most number of injuries in the Premier League:

20. Wolverhampton Wanderers – Number of Injuries = 4

19. Leicester City – Number of Injuries = 11

18. Brighton & Hove Albion – Number of Injuries = 11

17. Fulham – Number of Injuries =13

16. Chelsea – Number of Injuries = 14

15. Everton – Number of Injuries = 15

14. West Ham United – Number of Injuries = 16

13. Manchester City – Number of Injuries = 18

12. Crystal Palace – Number of Injuries = 18

11. AFC Bournemouth – Number of Injuries = 18

10. Southampton – Number of Injuries = 19

9. Burnley – Number of Injuries = 19

8. Watford – Number of Injuries = 21

7. Liverpool – Number of Injuries = 22

6. Huddersfield Town – Number of Injuries = 22

5. Cardiff City – Number of Injuries = 23

4. Newcastle United – Number of Injuries = 26

3. Arsenal – Number of Injuries = 26

2. Tottenham Hotspur – Number of Injuries = 28

1. Manchester United – Number of Injuries = 32

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