UEFA Champions League Liverpool
UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League final will be played this Saturday at the Metropolitano Stadium between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs beat Ajax in the semi-final to secure a place in the final while Liverpool knocked out mighty Barcelona in sensational fashion.

And whichever team wins this tournament will have the chance to grab their first silverware of the season.

But winning the Champions League could only be the stepping stone and the champion will then go on to play in the Club World Cup and it has been the European teams who have dominated this competition.

The reigning champions are Real Madrid who beat Liverpool last year in the Champions League and now an English club have the chance of being crowned the best club in the world.

Sadly though, this season that will not be the case.

No matter who wins the Champions League this season, they will not get to play in the Club World Cup since the tournament will not be held this year.

A number of significant changes were made to the tournament in March which will now be held every four years with the first one set to take place in 2021.

“Now the world will see a real Club World Cup where fans will see the best teams in the world compete to be crowned the real world champions,” the FIFA president said.

“We hope that all the best teams will participate and we’ve had some very positive discussions with UEFA.

“But it was our responsibility to take a decision because we have to deal with the organisational matters – it is only two years away.”

This new format will be an invite-only and will consist of 24 teams out of which eight will be from Europe.

And as per reports, Liverpool are on the first lot who have been invited to play in that tournament but sadly the name of Tottenham Hotspur is not yet on the list.

But that could all change if the Lilywhites beat Liverpool in the Champions League final this weekend.

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