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Stamford Bridge Chelsea

Chelsea started the 2019-20 season with an embarrassing 4-0 loss to Manchester United but since then they have gotten their act straight.

Under new boss Frank Lampard, the Blues were struggling to get things going but right now they have been playing some really fine football.

The club have been slapped with a transfer embargo which meant the club could not sign any new players during the summer transfer window and this seems to have been a blessing in disguise for the club.

So far, the Chelsea youngster have been some of the best players in the squad with the likes of Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount being influential factors in almost every match.

And according to Paul Merson, these youngsters undoubtedly have a bright future and the Stamford Bridge outfit will be a force to reckon with in the coming few years.

“It’s very rare that the bar gets heightened when you get beat,” Merson said on Soccer Saturday(as reported).

“But I think everybody went away from the game after and thought ‘you know what, we’ve got a bright future here’.

“If you go through some of the players, you don’t know if this has been a plan or they’ve just fallen over it, but you’ve got to give credit to Frank Lampard.

“If they don’t have the transfer embargo and Frank Lampard isn’t the manager these young kids are all out on loan, they’re all out on loan.

“And now they’re all in and they’re all their best players. I go through the Chelsea squad now and in two or three years this team will be dominating English football, dominating English football.

“If they all stay together, they’ve got so much talent in that club at the moment and they’re all youngsters. I think it’s a bright future for Chelsea, I see them getting in the top four, I really do, I think they can get in the top four.

“They just have to tighten up at the back, I think there’s only two teams that have let in more goals than them which is worrying.

“But that will come and I think there is a bright future for Chelsea and it’s all coming together.”