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Premier League: Here’s why this team can finish in the top-four come May

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The Premier League top-four is heating up with as many as five clubs eyeing that one Champions League spot left up for grabs.

Before the start of the 2019-20 season, everyone was sure that Liverpool and Man City will occupy two spots in the top-four but now the rise of Leicester City has caused problems to a lot of clubs.

Right now Chelsea are the fourth club on the Premier League table but the likes of Man United, Spurs and Wolves are all breathing down their necks.

Arsenal might be 10th on the table but points-wise they took are pretty close to the top-four and if they can manage to string together a couple of wins, the Gunners too will surely be back in the race.

But according to Michael Owen, it is Man United are looking likely to overtake everyone and finish in the top-four come back and in turn, get back into the Champions League next season.

“I don’t fancy Tottenham, I don’t think they’re playing well enough,” Owen told Premier League Productions as reported.

“I love Wolves, I love watching them, I think they’re great for the league actually, but possibly not [for the top four].

“I think it’s between Chelsea… I’d probably say Manchester United actually at the moment. I think they’re coming into good form, I think they’ve got a good attack.

“They’re solid behind, don’t get me wrong I don’t particularly like the look of their midfield but it’s affective.

“And when you’ve got those three up front with pace then you’ve always got a chance.

“What an opportunity for so many teams this season.

“No one would have thought Leicester really at the start of the season [for the] top four but it looks like they’re secured already.

“It’s open for a lot of teams and the likes of Wolves, Sheffield United, I know we probably think they’re not going to, but isn’t it great that we have got a few teams that are challenging for that top four.

“It looks like we’re not going to have a title race so we’re going to have a decent race for that fourth spot.”

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