UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League

The Belgian Pro League has recently declared that their current table for the 2019-20 season will be final meaning Club Brugge have been declared the champions. But UEFA have come out to make it clear that such a decision could lead to exclusions from the Champions League as well as the Europa League.

As per the current standings, Brugge are 15 points clear at the top of the Belgian and the authorities have declared to end the league with immediate effect.

But UEFA have claimed that an epidemic cannot prevent the domestic leagues from being suspended hinting that each and every country will have to wrap up the remainder of their matches.

“It is of paramount importance that even a disruptive event like this epidemic does not prevent our competitions from being decided on the field, in accordance with their rules and that all sporting titles are awarded on the basis of results,” the joint letter said, as reported.

“We are confident that football can restart in the months to come – with conditions that will be dictated by public authorities – and believe that any decision of abandoning domestic competitions is, at this stage, premature and not justified.

“UEFA reserves the right to assess the entitlement of clubs to be admitted to the 2020/21 UEFA club competitions.

“The Belgian Pro League said it had had “constructive” discussions with UEFA on Friday morning in which it “contested any approach which would force a league to continue in the current health crisis”.”

This will be great news for a number of top clubs across Europe who are all fighting to ensure that the 2019-20 season is not abandoned.

Some teams are fighting to keep their top-flight status while some like Man United and Spurs are battling to get back into the Champions League next season.

But now this statement from UEFA has cleared it out once and for all that the domestic leagues do not have the option of abandoning the 2019-20 season since if they do, their country might not be represented in the Champions League and Europa League next campaign.

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