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Jose Mourinho

Tottenham Hotspur picked up a massive win against Manchester City in the Premier League as Jose Mourinho pulled yet another ace over his arch-rival Pep Guardiola.

It was a game that City should have won easily but Spurs performed the perfect smash and grab to pick up a 2-0 win at home.

The match saw City hit the bar, miss a penalty, saw Zinchenko sent off and Raheem Sterling possibly escaping a red card for simulation.

And it was this Sterling incident which seems to have put Jose Mourinho at the forefront.

After VAR ruled out Sterling’s appeal for a penalty, Jose Mourinho chose to give a grin and sit in his chair. But shortly after that, his coaches told him that the Man City man was already on a yellow meaning he should be booked once again for simulation.

And this was when Jose Mourinho chose to make a mad dash towards the referee’s assistants and this particular video has become viral.

Now speaking to the press, the Spurs boss has tried to explain what actually went down during that moment and how VAR has changed the way managers look at games.

“I think the fact that you have the screen in front of us now is not good for our emotions because we watch exactly the same as the VAR is watching,” he said as reported by Sky Sports.

“The referees don’t see it as well as we can because the referees are on the pitch and it’s 200 miles an hour so it’s very difficult for them. Sometimes they don’t see the same things that we see.

“My reaction (on Sunday) was based on the fact that I could watch everything on the screen.

“So I saw the Dele Alli incident, I saw the penalty, I watched everything, and that creates emotions. But okay, I went viral.”