English Premier League
English Premier League

UEFA has put out a date by which they wish to finish both the Champions League as well as the Europa League which is a very good indication about the time frame that the Premier League has to finish their remaining matches.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has said in a statement that the UCL and the UEL will have to be wrapped up the 3rd of August and that they are very flexible given that a number of changes might have to be made.

“It must finish by August 3, both the Champions League and Europa League,” Ceferin told German broadcaster ZDF, as quoted by MEN.

“It is an extraordinary situation we are in, so we are flexible on dates and kick-off times. If the crisis eases earlier, then we can start sooner.

“We could play with the current system, or in one-off matches played on neutral turf. For now, it’s just an option to play with a final eight or final four.

“The only wrong decision we could make now would be to play in a way that puts the health and safety of players, fans and referees at risk. However, if we are in secure conditions, then I don’t see the problem.”

The Premier League has been chalking out numerous ideas about how to finish the rest of the games with some reports even claiming that a possible shifting to China is also being discussed.

But right now the plan that looks most likely to be sanctioned is that the rest of the matches will be played inside closed stadiums in an Olympic like scenario where all the squads will be brought to one place.

Some reports have also claimed that the Premier League had been planning to end the season abruptly but now that will not be possible with UEFA making it clear if the matches do not resume, teams from those specific leagues might not qualify for Europe next season.

The league was set to return back on the first of May but now the authorities have made it clear that matches will only resume once everything has been cleared by the authorities.

But now with UEFA pushing the UCL and UEL final dates till August, the Premier League has enough of a window to wrap up the 2019-20 season in its entirety.

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