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Right now the whole of Europe is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the footballing world has been severely hit by this situation.

Not only have all the footballing matches in Europe been completely halted but this lack of action has caused significant revenue shortages to many smaller footballing clubs causing them to layoff many casual staffs.

During this time many experts have come out to say that the 2019-20 season should be declared null and void but clearly UEFA has no plans of doing that and is making every possible adjustment in order to ensure that the domestic leagues can be finished.

And now while all of the footballing world is busy finding solutions to this problem, virologist Alexander Kekule who is the director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the University Medical Centre Halle / Saale has explained that it is still possible to finish the Bundesliga. But with a number of measures being taken into consideration.

Speaking to Aktuellen Sportstudio des ZDF, as reported by Goal, Alexander explained: “Everything is possible. You have to think about how you can sure that the Bundesliga players are able to play.

“You would have to extend the lockdown for them. They would have to continue living privately under special security conditions. The whole team would have to go into a special quarantine. In addition, they would have to be retested before each game.

“From a purely virological point of view, the problem could, therefore, be solved, but only if you create a kind of special bubble for the football players.

But amongst all this Alexander has also made it clear that footballing fans might not return back to stadiums during this calendar year in order to ensure that pandemic is contained.

“I wouldn’t plan anything with fans this season,” he added.

“I would be pessimistic. It doesn’t look like something that we can seriously consider.”

Can Europe finish its footballing season?

Well, these plans for the Bundesliga can obviously be implemented to the other leagues across the continent as well.

The likes of the Premier League and the Scottish Premiership have been juggling with a number of plans to finish their remaining matches and almost all of these plans agree on the fact that the matches will have to be played behind closed doors.

But another major compromise that the clubs will have to make is that they will have to play around matches every week in order to ensure that the 2019-20 season can be wrapped up quickly as well as safely.

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