Man United Luke Shaw
Luke Shaw Man United

Manchester United and England defender Luke Shaw is the latest person to claim that the 2019-20 season should be declared null and void.

The full-back was playing an online FIFA competition vs Ruben Loftus Cheek when he made these statements claiming that even if the matches resumed, they will most likely be played behind closed doors and this is something that footballers do not want to see.

Shaw said during the Combat Corona Twitch FIFA competition, via Metro: ‘Scrap it and start again. Start it again yeah. It’s gotta be you know. If we can’t carry it on it’s got to be void.

‘Fans are so important. You realise it even more [now]. I think the sport is for fans really, do you know what I mean? I think if you don’t have fans, and you don’t play in front of fans, it just doesn’t feel right.

‘Especially on matchday the fans are always amazing and always help the team. Whether it’s home or even away, our fans are always brilliant and I feel like they’re always there with us.’

And while the Chelsea midfielder did not answer the question but he did back Luke Shaw by saying that football without the fans does not seem right.

Loftus-Cheek added: ‘The fans are what make football what it is.

‘You saw a few games at the end of the season – well, not the end of the season, but recently – without the fans and it wasn’t the same, it was so far off what football feels like when fans are screaming, cheering.’

Is Luke Shaw right?

Luke Shaw does have a point in claiming that it’s a game for the fans but with millions and millions of dollars riding on the Premier League, we do not think the authorities can risk scrapping the whole season.

Also, UEFA has made it clear that if the remaining domestic matches are not finished then there’s a chance that teams from that particular league might not be playing in Europe next season.

So in all fairness, the 2019-20 season will resume as soon as the situation in the UK starts getting better but surely these matches will have to be played behind closed doors in order to ensure the safety of the players as well as the fans.

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