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Aaron Wan-BIssaka, Harry Maguire, Scott McTominay, Fred Man United

Aaron Wan-Bissaka has been named by many as the best one-on-one defender in European football right now and not many attackers can boast of getting past him.

But now while talking about his life during the lockdown, the full-back has revealed the name of the player who has been a real handful for him during the ongoing 2019-20 season.

“I’d say Raheem Sterling; those are the battles I’ve enjoyed the most,” Wan-Bissaka told United’s official website.

“He keeps going, just keeps on coming at you. Doesn’t matter if he doesn’t get past you in one challenge, he keeps coming back for more every time.

“That’s what I like. I’ve been happy with my performances in both league derbies and the results both times were just what we needed.

“The second one was just before lockdown, and that was an incredible afternoon. We were prepared for that game and we showed that as a team on the pitch.

“I want to say I worked on it, but at first I think it was just natural. Even when I was an attacker coming up at Palace, my tackling was noticed then too.

“I don’t think I really knew how good I was at it until I started taking it seriously.

“These days I work on it a lot more!”

Manchester United have obviously done the double over their arch-rivals this season in the league and in both these matches Aaron Wan-Bissak has gotten the better of the Man City winger.

This season Sterling has scored 11 goals in 24 Premier League games for City but each time he has come up against the United defender the attacker has looked short of answers.

And we feel this trend is going to continue next season as well since there’s every chance that Aaron Wan-Bissaka might have gotten into Sterling’s head.

So each time the England international comes up against Bissaka he will have to do a bit extra in order to get past him which could very well work in the Red Devil’s favour.

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