Chelsea beat Nottingham Forest 2-0 in the 3rd round of the FA Cup but Frank Lampard wasn’t too pleased with his players despite the win.

Callum Hudson-Odoi scored the first goal of the match in the 6th minute and then Ross Barkley sealed the win with a second in the 33rd minute.

The win came at the back of a 1-1 draw vs Brighton in the Premier League and many people though this win vs Forest was a pretty positive statement.

But speaking after the game, the Chelsea boss was clearly not happy with the movement of his players in the final third.

‘I don’t like the way we don’t occupy the box enough. We need to occupy it more,’ Lampard told Chelsea TV via The Metro.

‘We need to have someone across the front post, generally, that’s your striker, midfield players arriving – not hanging outside the box – and opposite winger in the box. It might even be an opposite full-back in the box the way we want to play.

‘That’s something we need to get better at, for sure, because we are making some nice little effective combinations on the right.

‘We were, before Reece’s injury, in a few of the games here it looked like it was coming off, but it’s no good putting in a great cross and the crowd goes “oooh” and it goes through the other side or we’re not on it or they head it away. We have to occupy the box better.’

‘I liked parts of it, I liked the first half, I liked what we did on the right-hand side. I thought Reece and Callum were lively and bright.

‘I didn’t want us to get bored of it. When you do that it can become a bit easy and you go, “Oh well we’ve got overloads there, we’ve got Ross there” and my one gripe would be second half we slightly came off that.

‘So we had possession, but I want to keep going. Fans are here to see balls into the box, to see more efforts and sometimes we get slightly conditioned to come off it, and I want us to keep going.

‘But I shouldn’t complain too much because these games are never easy. I thought the mentality was right and we got the win.’

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