Mesut Ozil Arsenal
Mesut Ozil Arsenal

Dr Erkut Sogut who currently is the agent for Arsenal star Mesut Ozil thinks the proposed wage-cut for the Premier League players might cause a lot of problems for the clubs.

Sogut is the man who helped Mesut Ozil secure the £350,000-a-week contract so he clearly knows what he’s talking about and according to 39-year-old, deferral of payments is the right way forward for the Premier League clubs during this crisis situation.

“It is not easy for everyone but it’s time for the clubs to talk directly to the players and their representatives to solve this problem,” Sogut said, as quoted.

“This is what we are lacking right now. And the one thing that can be done is a deferral.

“That is a start, to say, ‘Let’s defer these payments to the end of the year or next year’.

“That is something players and clubs can agree quickly, so the clubs know they will have no cash problems and go on for the next three months. A deferral is a protection for everyone.”

Sogut does make a lot of sense in his statements more so since Scottish club Rangers FC have already walked in that direction.

The Steven Gerrard led side recently announced that the directors, players and the manager will be deferring their salaries by three months so that the money could be used elsewhere.

While the Premier League does not look to be heading in that direction right now but a deferral of payments will not only ensure that the clubs are not applying for a furlough but that the players also receive their payments in full – even if that is a year or so later.

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