Mikel Arteta took charge of Arsenal a couple of weeks ago after the Gunners chose to sack Unai Emery following a dismal start to the 2019-20 campaign.

The Spaniard was an apprentice under Pep Guardiola for a long time meaning he certainly has the experience to bring back the glory days at the Emirates. But having said that, the Gunners did not make the perfect start under their new boss.

Arsenal dropped several points even after Mikel Arteta took charge and for a brief period, it looked like the former Gunner might not be the right man for the job.

But that match against Manchester United first showed glimpses of how Arsenal are trying to play under their new boss and since then most pundits and former players have started to realise the positive impact that Arteta has been making at the Emirates.

One such man is Jamie Carragher who has admitted that he did think Mikel Arteta would do a good job at Arsenal.

He said: “Hearing about this dynamic, inspirational character made me wonder if that said more about the lack of personality at the Emirates than Arteta.

“If you had told me during our battles when Arteta was an Everton player that he be would be managing Arsenal at the age of 37 I would have thought you were joking.

“I just did not see it.

“When we lined up against that Everton side, we never felt Arteta was their leader. The clamour from Arsenal supporters for Arteta’s return shows they saw something in Arteta the player that I missed.

“In the early days of his reign, it is pleasing to see why so many believed in him. I have been impressed by Arteta’s impact.”

Arsenal might have drawn their previous Premier League match 1-1 vs Crystal Palace but in the first half of that match, the Gunners players clearly showed that Mikel Arteta has managed to atleast drill in a positive mindset into them.

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