Calum Chambers Arsenal vs Sheffield United
Calum Chambers Arsenal

Arsenal might have drawn their previous Premier League encounter vs Crystal Palace but still, Mikel Arteta has been receiving lots of praises.

The Gunners played some stellar football especially during the first half and many believe that if Aubameyang wouldn’t have been sent off then surely it would have been an easy victory for the North London side.

The 1-1 draw means Arsenal are currently 10th on the league table and have managed to pick up just one win in their last five matches. But according to Sokratis, Mikel Arteta has already started making a positive influence at the club since taking over.

“The first half we start very good,” he said.

“We had the possession, we know exactly what we have to do. Of course, after 20 minutes we change a little bit.

“The pressing they did I think was more aggressive, it was more difficult until we understand what we had to do. We reacted well, but second half we had to show more in the first 10 or 15 minutes and improve.

“We are disappointed because I think that we play much better, especially the first 35 minutes when we played really good, we did what the manager asked from us and what we’d worked on the last few days.

“We switched off for the first 10 minutes of the second half and the final five minutes of the first half. Of course, we took also an unlucky goal because until this moment I think they’d had maybe one shot. We took an unlucky red card and after it was difficult.

“We had to fight more, to show more spirit and to give everything. In the end, one point I think we are not happy with, but it’s not also the worst.”

There’s no denying that Arteta will need ample amount of time in order to get Arsenal out of this mess and then move for the top of the table but if somehow they can manage to squeeze into the top-four of the table by the end of May then it will be a really positive start for the new boss.

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