English Premier League
English Premier League

The Premier League season is about to restart this week which is a great boost for the clubs, the authorities as well as all the other stakeholders. But now, the other big question needs to be answered.

When will the Premier League transfer window open?

Initially, there were fears that the summer transfer window might coincide with the 2019-20 season but Richard Masters had made it clear that the transfer window will only open once the current campaign has been wrapped up in its entirety.

Late last month, Masters had said, as reported by the Daily Mail: ‘That’s one of the topics we are discussing. We have had, I would say, first day discussions about it but no conclusions yet. 

‘You have a movable feast with lots of different European leagues beginning and ending at different times. There’s a judgement call to be made and we’ll get to that in the next couple of weeks.

‘I suspect that isn’t going to be the case. The transfer window will open after the end of the season, it’s just a question of how long it goes on for.’

When will the Premier League transfer window open & close?

Now as per a report in The Telegraph, FIFA is planning to make a few changes to its current laws which if passed could see the upcoming summer window remain open till January of next year.

The report claims: “Fifa will talk to clubs about keeping the next transfer window open, possibly as far as January, to keep money flowing through football. 

“Owners and players are expected to take a financial hit as a result of the coronavirus bringing sport to a grinding halt, with spending on transfers expected to fall when the season eventually finishes. 

“There has been support from some chief executives to lengthen the next period of trading for players so money gets spent while football gets back on its feet.”

This will be a huge boost for a large number of clubs not only in the Premier League but across all of Europe since a large contingent of teams are currently going through a major cash crunch which will make it extremely difficult for them to buy new players immediately.

But a prolonged transfer window will ensure that these sides can even do business towards the start of the new year without thinking too much about the instant financial impact.

Teams in countries like Scotland, Netherlands and Belgium will immensely benefit from this decision since the domestic leagues in each one of these countries had to be suspended abruptly due to the unexpected lockdown.

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