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Former Spurs midfielder Jamie O’Hara believes that the Premier League should be suspended and that the authorities should be lenient towards all the teams.

During a point when the footballing world has been divided on what the solution to this problem might be, O’Hara believes that the Premier League should act like a genie and grant all the major wishes.

“The only way for me for this to go forward and we can start next season is crown Liverpool champions, top four in the Champions League at this moment in time get top four for next season,” O’Hara said on talkSPORT, as reported.

“No one gets relegated, Leeds and West Brom come up and every other team that are in the top two or in the promotion spot come up.

“So everyone gets promoted but no one gets relegated. Everyone who is in a promotion spot at the moment, so Leeds, West Brom, I’m not sure about League One and League Two, but they go up, no one gets relegated.

“So you have 22 teams in the Premier League next season, five get relegated.

“Everyone is going to have to make compromises for this situation and the season is not going to play out, it’s not going to finish.”

Is this a viable option?


The first major issue that will pop up is with the Champions League qualifications since a series of clubs are still fighting hard for that final UCL spot next season.

Sites like SBD have theorized the EPL will return in early April and with the league likely wanting to have these matches completed, there’s a massive chance these matches will need to be played behind closed doors without any spectators.

Teams like Man United, Spurs, Wolves and Sheffield United are all within touching distance of the Champions League and they will surely stand up and object to the fact that Chelsea could be given a free pass to the UCL.

Also right now as things stand, Man City will not be playing in the Champions League due to their ban meaning finishing fifth will also secure a UCL berth next campaign. But what if City were to win their challenge against the ban?

And perhaps the biggest problem that the Premier League will have is to adjust their schedule since the EPL is famous for not letting their teams rest even during festive periods. So if two more teams were to come into the mix, then we are not quite sure if the authorities will be able to handle the mess.

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