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Paul Merson believes that the recent debacle with finish the domestic leagues is the fault of the Premier League since they needed to finish off the games in hand instead of keeping them piled up for so long.

Right now some teams have nine games remaining in the league while others have 10 games remaining. And while at first glance, this one game deficit/advantage might not look much but for a number of sides, this game could be a matter of life or death.

A team like Sheffield United have played 28 matches while their other top-four rivals have played 29. And if this match was to be played then there’s every chance that the Blades might even topple Chelsea from the fourth spot.

Also, Aston Villa have played one game less and if they were to come at par with their nearest rivals, they could very well be out of the relegation zone.

And Paul Merson believes that the Premier League has not been swift enough to act and this is the primary reason for chaos.

He told Sky Sports: “It would have been a very simple solution if everybody had played the same amount of games.

“They should have had the brains to ensure those teams who have played a game less make those games up behind closed doors before they shut the league.

“The problem is the teams at the bottom, and in particular Aston Villa. Their game in hand against Sheffield United should have been played, and if we ensure everyone had played the same amount of games, we wouldn’t have a problem. Everyone would be on 29 games, the good teams are at the top, and the poor teams are at the bottom. And that’s it.

“How can you call a league now and say Aston Villa are relegated? If they win their game in hand, they’re out of the bottom three.

“They won’t call the league now, but they could have if everyone had played the same amount of games. Now we have the problem, now we’re stuck.

“On Thursday when the Premier League talk, they’ll be stuck on what to do regarding Aston Villa. Villa are the problem!

“If Villa win that game in hand against Sheffield United, they stay up, and if Blades won that game, they’d be fifth, which is potentially a Champions League spot if Manchester City were banned!”

UEFA have now postponed the EURO 2020 to the next summer meaning the Premier League has a bigger window to wrap up the remainder of the games. But in order for that to happen, the situation in the United Kingdom will have to start getting better asap.

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