UEFA Europa League
Europa League final Baku Olympic Stadium

UEFA chief Aleksander Ceferin has admitted that the governing body of football in Europe is planning to make alterations to the current Financial Fair Play rules.

A number of clubs across Europe are facing massive financial crunches and have resorted to payment deferments and even furloughing their non-essential staff in order to make ends meet.

And many experts feel this prolonged lockdown could also have an impact on the upcoming transfer window with a number of clubs reluctant to spend big on their new signings.

Now Ceferin has revealed that UEFA is planning to make a few changes to the FFP rules the details of which will be disclosed pretty soon.

“The situation is extraordinary and we will not pretend that it’s not so we will adapt the Financial Fair Play system, but the final decision in which direction we will do it is not brought yet so yes we will adapt,” he told beIN SPORTS, as reported by Football London.

“We think it’s important to adapt it because the situation for the clubs is not easy and we are all in the same boat here, but it’s again too soon to share details of how we will do it because the clubs are included in the conversation and the leagues are also included in the conversation.”

Will teams get an unfair advantage from the rules changes of UEFA?

After this announcement, there has been a buzz in the footballing community that clubs owners might be allowed to inject cash into their sides in order to help them make new signings.

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League

And if this happens then a number of big clubs across Europe are sure to get a massive advantage and this one transfer window could set the tone for the coming few years.

The likes of Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid and now even Newcastle United are backed by really powerful owners who can inject massive amounts of money without much hesitation. But on the other hand, clubs like Ajax and Bayern Munich could feel the negative impact of these new modifications.

It’s still unclear as to what the exact changes will be but they are sure to benefit a few clubs more than the others. And if teams like Arsenal and Newcastle United can manage to use cash from their owners and bring in some big superstars then undoubtedly these sides will get a significant headstart for the 2020-21 season.

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