Jurgen Klopp Liverpool
Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

Liverpool suffered a rare defeat this season as they went down 1-0 to Atletico Madrid away from home and to be honest this was one of the rare times when the Anfield outfit looked toothless in a match.

While Liverpool did dominate most of the 90 minutes but rarely did they trouble Oblak and in the end the 4th-minute strike from Saul Niguez was enough for Simeone and his men.

And speaking after the match, the Atletico manager has explained when his side picked up a crucial advantage.

Diego Simeone said, as quoted: “I think we started winning the game when our bus turned at the roundabout and we saw the reaction of the people. It enthused us. Something beautiful woke up in us.

“The feeling that came out of the people, the reply of the people, I’ve rarely seen from our fans at this level. They were there the whole game. It made me want to put my boots on and go on the pitch.

“It was the whole match and the truth is it was exciting… I think the word that comes to me is calm.

“Calm of knowing when you work as a team as group you can do it, the team responded with a great effort.

“It’s not the best night because we’ve not won anything but it was exciting. It was unusual.

“It was a match people won’t forget – to beat the best team in the world, who’ve won a lot of games. We’ve not got past them but we’ve beaten them because in a match everyone has a chance.”

Wanda Metropolitano played a key role in helping their side keep a clean sheet vs Liverpool on Tuesday but the Liverpool manager, as well as some of their players, have warned Atletico that they will get a taste of their own medicine in the second leg at Anfield.

The manager told BT Sport: “It was the fight we expected, it was the atmosphere we expected but I loved so many parts of our game.

“It’s half time [of the tie] and we are 1-0 down. We don’t only play a second half, we play it in our stadium which is obviously completely different to this stadium here.

“They defended with all they had, their defending in the box was incredible. They only wanted this kind of result, 0-0 would have been OK for them.

“I don’t think I have to do it [stir up the crowd at Anfield] that much I think. I hope I can be a little bit more focused on the game. Our people will be ready, I know that. Welcome to Anfield, it’s not over yet.”

Verdict on Liverpool outing:

Diego Simeone is a man on steroids and there’s no denying the manager is also the in-house clear-leader for the La Liga outfit.

But having said that, Atletico will be in for a really tough time when they visit England and step onto the Anfield pitch in what’s expected to be another famous European night.

While Simeone will be aware of this fact but the comments from Jurgen Klopp are something that seems to have stemmed out of frustration since his top-class Liverpool side were unable to break down Atletico Madrid.

So all said and done, Anfield awaits the arrival of Atletico.

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