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The Premier League has been suspended for until the 3rd of April due to the coronavirus pandemic and right now, the authorities are scrambling to finish the new season.

The officials have already confirmed that the first deadline has been missed and that all the major leagues in England will not resume anytime before the 30th of April.

While the FA does have a domestic deadline of wrapping up all tournaments by the 1st of June but owing to such a crisis scenario, this deadline has been lifted so that the tournaments have time to finish their remaining games.

Despite all these adjustments though the Premier League still has 92 games to finish which is higher than the ones left in the Serie A and the La Liga.

But amongst all this, former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan, writing for The Sun, has come with a solution which could and should be looked into more seriously.

The five-point plan includes:

1. Extend the Premier League postponement until the middle of May, which means there will have been eight weeks off to deal with coronavirus.

2. Schedule any remaining fixtures over two-and-a-half months between May and July.

3. If needed, play some or all of the remaining games behind-closed-doors.

4. Delay the start of the 2020/21 season until the beginning of September, giving the players a month off in August as their break and pre-season. That may seem tight, but they will have had two months off, plus the winter break earlier in the year.

5. Remove the winter break in 2021 to compensate for the fixture compression as a result of the late start.

Can this solution work?

Well for starters, the authorities are taking no chances with the safety of the players which is good to see but they also seem to have no plans of cancelling the current season.

If this solution is taken into account then surely the 2019-20 season can be wrapped up without any major issues but all of that will depend on whether the games can resume immediately after the 30th of April.

Right now, the Premier League has 92 games remaining which is much higher than the likes of the Serie A or La Liga so the more time it takes for things to get back to normalcy.

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