Premier League
Premier League

The Premier League has been suspended till the 30th of April due to the coronavirus pandemic and right now there are various rumours that the league could be finished behind closed doors.

At first, the league was suspended till the 3rd and then this deadline was extended till the end of April but with the COVID-19 outbreak showing no signs of slowing down, there’s a massive concern over the remaining games and if the league game can be finished or not.

While some experts have claimed that the Premier League should be declared null and void but surely the league authorities are not planning to walk in that direction meaning playing the remaining games behind closed doors might be the only possibility.

But while most of the clubs are probably going to accept this offer but they might have to tackle another issue.

The problem of some of their players being free agents on the 1st of June.

There’s a big chance that the Premier League might continue into the summer transfer window and even the Champions League and the Europa League finals have been shifted by a month.

So in such a case, teams are now concerned as to what they are supposed to do with these players who will be out of contract at the end of May.

And in such a scenario, a Sky Sports reporter has claimed that FIFA too are concerned over this matter and the governing body of football in the world have set up some groups who are looking into this whole matter.

Kaveh Solhekol said: “FIFA have some working groups who are looking at it. The problem they have at the moment is that a lot of people around the world are worried about their jobs and it’s no different if you are a footballer who will soon be out of contract on June 30.

“They’re aware that after this date, they will currently not get paid and currently they’re not in a position to negotiate a new deal with another club.

“Most players will carry on getting paid for another 28 days – that takes them into July. That’s the standard practice in contracts. At the moment, FIFA are having internal talks trying to work out a solution to this problem.

“In the meantime, some players have come out and spoken themselves about their desire to carry on playing beyond the date of their contract expiry. Willian at Chelsea has said his contract is ‘just a piece of paper. If the season continues beyond my contract, I will continue playing for Chelsea.'”

Football agent Stephen Hunt has urged the players to remain calm since there’s a massive chance that the rules will be adjusted.

He told Sky Sports: “It’s a tough one because people in football clubs have families they want to look after, so if I’m going after them at the moment… it’s not the right time. I’m trying to keep my distance as an agent because their families are most important.

“Regarding my clients, I would say, ‘be calm, don’t panic, the season will finish’. The rules and regulations are bound to change as the situation goes along, so a player out of contract on 30th June, all being well, will extend his contract for another month, few months – depending on how long it takes.

“I have loads of invoices that I haven’t sent in for the last couple of weeks because I don’t think it’s fair to worry about small amounts of money right now. Most important is that the players come back healthy and the clubs go again.”

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