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The Premier League season might be on the verge of being cancelled: No other option?

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The Premier League clubs for a long time have been trying to make sure that the 2019-20 season be finished at any cost, even if that means playing all the remaining games behind closed doors.

All the Premier League matches have been postponed until the 30th of April but now it seems like that this second deadline will also not be met meaning the fate of the league is now in total jeopardy.

While some experts had come out to claim the current season be declared null and void but these statements were quickly rubbished with many people claiming that the FA cannot manage to bear the heavy losses if such a decision is taken.

Now though it seems that this is the only option since a number of Premier League clubs want to abandon the current season and start afresh.

One high-ranking club official said, as reported: ‘It’s absolutely clear what is going to happen. It’s a worldwide pandemic.

‘You just start (the Premier League season) again and there are very few losers. Liverpool, I know. But in the grand scheme of things, honestly, it really doesn’t matter. You’ve just got to start again.

‘This (COVID-19) is going to get worse here (in Britain), so it’s not about players returning to training. If we all stay at home and self-isolate for the next two, three months, we’re going to get through this quite simply.

‘We look like petulant, ridiculous children now. I passionately believe what we’re doing is wrong.’

Will the Premier League be cancelled?

The next meeting of the Premier League officials will be held on the 3rd of April and given the current situations in England, one can be sure that the authorities will decide to push the suspension date even further.

Even if everything calms down within the next couple of weeks, the players will not be able to resume the games straight away since almost all of them are without training.

So with the date seemingly being pushed even further, there’s a massive chance that the clubs might decide to take the harsh call of abandoning the league altogether.

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