Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was one of the first big footballing names in Europe who was tested positive for the coronavirus after the manager came in close contact with the Olympiacos manager who had also tested positive for the virus.

And immediately after the manager as tested positive the whole of the Arsenal squad was sent into isolation but thankfully none of them have caught the virus.

Now the club have revealed that Mikel Arteta has recovered from the virus and is feeling fine with the manager himself receiving how he coped with the news that he could possibly be exposed and what he did after that.

“I am feeling completely recovered [now], it’s true I started having some symptoms when we got the phone call from the club to let us know that we might be exposed to the virus because of the owner of Olympiacos and in that moment… I don’t know, I felt something within me, that I had it,” Arteta told via the club’s official website.

“We had a game the following day against Manchester City, so I made a decision and called the doctor straight away and I asked him to drive home. I spoke with Raul, Edu, Vinai, Huss and we set up a meeting together and I said, ‘Listen, we have a couple of players that have been exposed.

‘There is a massive risk there and as well I am the first one feeling the symptoms, very clear symptoms. So if that is the case, all of the players and the people related to the club who are in contact with me on a daily basis are exposed. So we cannot make that decision, we have to speak to the Premier League, to Manchester City and we have to make the decision pretty quickly.’

“Then you realise, ‘Wow, everybody can be exposed here, this is very serious’ and you start to think about the people that you’ve been in contact with and the other people that can be related to us. That’s when a bit of fear comes. 

“In terms of symptoms, it was a normal virus for me. I had three or four days which were a little bit difficult, with a bit of a temperature and a dry cough, and some discomfort in my chest. That was it.

“The difficulty is that I have people at home, three kids as well and I was worried. My missus has been through it and my nanny’s been through it. Thank God, the kids never got it. We are all completely fine now.”

The Arsenal players were expected to return back to training this week after their isolation but the club have now confirmed that they have been asked to remain at home after Britain’s condition in the pandemic is worsening every day.

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