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Arsenal suffered yet another loss in the Premier League – this time going down 2-1 to Carlo Ancelotti’s Everton, away from home.

The Gunners managed to take the lead in the match but Everton showed resilience to come back into the game and pick up all three points.

The loss means Arsenal have now suffered defeats in eight league matches so far this season and many believe this is reason enough for the management to sack Mikel Arteta in the coming few weeks.

Many bookmakers are hinting at the fact that Arteta could be shown the door pretty soon but according to Athletic’s David Ornstein, the owners are still ready to back the Spanish manager.

“I think they are going to stick with Mikel Arteta and give him a lot longer,” he said on Sunday Supplement.

“Now we know in football you believe in someone until you don’t. We saw that with Unai Emery because Arsenal were behind him until they sacked him.

“But I do think that Mikel Arteta is going to get a lot longer than this.

“I don’t think Arsenal want to be chopping and changing managers. There is no guarantee that a new manager will come in and solve this problem.

“Many of the problems are deeper, they’re underlying and they are cultural.


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“To do with the standards and the behaviour and things that have set in over years going back to the Arsene Wenger reign, the Unai Emery reign and now the Mikel Arteta reign. We are not excusing Mikel Arteta here but these are deep-rooted issues.”

Arsenal are currently 15th on the league table with 14 points and if Ornstein is true then it’s really a bold move from the hierarchy.

But despite this statement, we have a feeling Mikel Arteta could be staring down the barrel since the Gunners take on the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Southampton, Wolves and Manchester United within the one and a half months.

There’s a big chance Arsenal could lose all these games which will surely result in Mikel Arteta packing his bags and exiting the Emirates.