Europa League spot beckons for Arsenal and Wenger

Arsenal are preparing themselves to face off against Sunderland. And it could be one of the most nervous season enders that Wenger has ever faced.

Arsenal’s Champions League qualification hopes a dangling. That too on the thinnest wire possible. And with Liverpool thumping West Ham 4-0, Arsenal might very well find themselves playing in the Europa League next season.

Liverpool with the win against the Hammers have moved up to the third spot. But they have also played an extra game.

Arsenal who are now fifth on the table are just below Manchester City. So, on paper Arsenal still have a chance to finish fourth. But that depends on a series of permutations and combinations.

Let’s break it down:
  1. Arsenal have to win both their remaining matches.(Base condition)
  2. Manchester City will have to drop points in both their matches.
  3. If City lose one and draw another then Arsenal are through.
  4. If City draw one and win another then City are through.
  5. If City lose one and win one then City are through on goal difference(if Arsenal do not manage to score a flurry of goals in their remaining two matches).

If you are a Gunner at heart then this list might still give you some hope. I mean, it’s still achievable, right? Teams have done that in the past. Its no rocket science.

But then reality suddenly dawns upon you. No one expects Manchester City to drop points. Not atleast in two consecutive games. City’s next two opponents are West Brom and Watford. And everyone expects them to gather all six points from these two games.

So practically speaking, Arsenal might play in the Europa League next season. The first time in their history that Arsenal might not feature in the Champions League, since Wenger’s arrival.

Here are some Twitter reactions and banters: