Bengaluru FC will play in the ISL: What it means

The AIFF has decided that the ISL and I-league will remain two separate competitions and both of them will be played simultaneously. And Bengaluru FC are most likely going to represent their city in the ISL.

The AIFF had opened bidings for the inclusion of new clubs in the ISL and Bengaluru FC was one such club from the I-League which showed a keen interest. The JSW owned team submitted the “Invitation to Bid” document on the deadline day. And they are hopeful that they will be included in the new roster of the ISL. Obviously subject to the scrutiny of the submitted documents.

But Bengaluru’s inclusion will benefit the other teams much more that it’s going to benefit the club. As per the rules of the competition, players for each team is to be selected through a common draft. This means that the two-time I-League champions will have to dissolve their whole squad before they step into the league. So a lot of high profile players are going to be available to all teams.

Bengaluru also have an advantage though if they are ultimately selected for the ISL. They are already in the AFC Cup play-offs courtesy of winning the Federation Cup. Which means that their Asian competition status will remain intact no matter what happens.

If Bengaluru gets selected for the ISL they will have to rebuild their whole team from scratch.

On the other hand, both East Bengal and Mohun Bagan will play in the I-League atleast for this season after both of them failed to comply with the rules of playing in the ISL.

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