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After the European Super League might have collapsed earlier this week but there are now rumours of an all-British Super League which will include Rangers FC and Celtic FC along with the English top-division sides.

As per the reports, this new league will be backed by all the major authorities and the two Old Firm clubs will get the chance to rub shoulders with some of the biggest clubs in European football.

While many people are excited with the prospect of Rangers FC & Celtic FC joining the rumoured British Super League but Alan Hutton has warned that the two Old Firm clubs accepting the invitation will mean the death of Scottish football.

“It would be amazing to see”, Alan Hutton told Football Insider.

“If Rangers and Celtic were given the money to go out there and compete with these big teams, they could. They’ve got the infrastructure and everything to do that.

“That being said, it would just be terrible for Scottish football I think. They need to be up there. They need to come up with something to try and make Scottish football better. I just feel that if they were to leave Scottish football, Scottish football would die a death. A lot of clubs rely on the gate receipts from playing Rangers and Celtic. 

“Why would you watch Scottish football if Rangers and Celtic aren’t there? That’s what a lot of people would say. Down south, a lot of my friends say: ‘Scottish football? No chance am I watching that.’

“If Rangers and Celtic weren’t even there, what would the opinions be?”

Apart from Hutton, Rangers icon Barry Ferguson also feels that Rangers and Celtic FC should remain in the SPFL considering the financial impact a move to the British Super League will have on their fans.

“This is their bread and butter, this is their league, this is where they were brought up,” Ferguson told Go Radio, as quoted by HITC.

“I wouldn’t like to see them leave, I’ll be honest with you. Another thing you’ve got to think of, if they did move, is it’s going to cost fans money to travel down south and money’s tight.

“Fans love travelling away from home. So, for me, they’ve got to stay in their own league.”

It’s still unclear how much progress has been made in regards to the British Super League but the jury is heavily divided as to whether Celtic & Rangers FC should join this new competition or not.

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