Mikel Arteta Arsenal EPL
Mikel Arteta Arsenal

Arsenal have seen a few ups and downs under the guidance of manager Mikel Arteta but it seems like the Gunners are finally starting to find their rhythm.

Right now, Arsenal are 10th on the Premier League table and after a disappointing first half of the season, the North London side are finally getting their act together.

Mikel Arteta still needs to do a lot of work if he wishes to take Arsenal back to the top of the table but according to Gunners legend Michael Thomas, the manager has done surprisingly well so far.

“I thought a set-up of Steve Bould, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira would have been the perfect combo for what Arsenal needed,” Thomas said, as per talkSPORT.

“They know the club inside out and wouldn’t sign any old players – unless they were right for the club. Patrick obviously has experience of managing in America and France as well, but that didn’t materialise.

“I saw in the media a lot about Mikel Arteta being Pep Guardiola’s right-hand man and being a major part of his success at City.

“He’s obviously a top coach, but Pep would have won things without Mikel, like he did at Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

“I was sceptical when he first came in, but to be fair to him there was an instant change in the team.

“When he cut out players who weren’t good for the team – I thought to myself ‘I like this man’. It showed he takes no prisoners and stamped down his mark on the team.

“He still hasn’t got his players in and the squad he wants. You’ve got to give Arteta time; people laud Klopp but it took him time to put the team together that he has now.”

Mikel Arteta took charge of Arsenal in December of 2019 and to date, he’s managed 64 games, winning 36 out of those. Arsenal have shown good form under the new manager but they have not been able to remain consistent for long periods of time and this is something that Arteta will need to work on.

Right now, the manager’s next bit ambition will be to get his side back into the top-four of the Premier League so that they can qualify for the Champions League.

Arsenal face Benfica in the Europa League this week and winning the second tier of European football will be another guaranteed way of getting back amongst the big boys next season.

But we don’t expect Mikel Arteta to go all out on Thursday since Arsenal will have to face Manchester City in the Premier League just a few days later.

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