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UEFA Champions League

UEFA had recently announced that they would be pushing the Champions League and the Europa League matches indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And this adjustment meant that the domestic leagues will now have a chance of playing out their remaining matches and finish the 2019-20 season in its entirety.

But now in a bit of shocking statement, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has accepted that the Champions League and the Europa League could be abandoned if they cannot resume the tournaments before September. 

“We can’t play it out in September or October,” Ceferin told ZDF Sportstudio, as quoted by MEN.

“If the authorities do not allow us to play, then we cannot play.

“The fact is that we really don’t know much. We are waiting for the development of this terrible situation in the world, and mainly in Europe.

“It is still better to play the game behind closed doors and have it on TV, which is what the people need and want because it brings positive energy to their homes, than not playing at all.

“That’s what the people want, that brings positive energy, and it will be July or August.”

Will the Champions League & Europa League be abandoned?

Right now there aren’t any major signs of this extreme measure but if the pandemic situation does not start getting better in Europe in the next couple of weeks then there’s every possibility that we might be heading in that direction.

The Premier League has already made plans of restarting behind closed doors in June and some reports claim that the Bundesliga could also restart in May.

The Ligue 1 and the La Liga are yet to make any announcements but surely they will also want to finish their remaining matches especially after the massive word of warning from UEFA.

So in conclusion, there’s still ample time to wrap up the Champions League and the Europa League but surely UEFA have chalked out a contingency plan wherein they have to scrap the 2019-20 season.

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