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The Champions League and European Leagues could see a major change during the next couple of seasons – if reports are to be believed.

Recently there has been a heavy debate about the importance of away goals in the knockout stages of the European leagues.

As things stand, an away goal holds more value and teams who score more away goals qualify to the next round – in case both sides score the same number of goals.

The rule was first introduced in 1965 and for the longest time, the away goal held significant importance in the Champions League and the Europa League.

But during the past decade that effect seems to have diminished and many managers have claimed that it isn’t as difficult to score in an away leg as it used to be a couple of decades ago.

Last year, even UEFA competition director Giorgio Marchetti claimed that getting away goals was becoming more and more easy.

“They think that achieving away goals is not as difficult as in the past,” he said.

A couple of decades ago, playing away from home in the Champions League was supposed to be a daunting task and scoring an away goal was worth its weight in gold.

But now things have changed and we are pretty sure that in the next couple of years this importance on away

A lot of managers in the recent past have urged the UEFA to scrap the away goals’ influence and now it looks like that the governing body of European football might be taking it into consideration.

According to Kicker, UEFA are thinking of scrapping the away goals rule from both the European leagues.

Right now though these are only initial talks and there is no concrete discussions on this matter. But if the away goal rule is scrapped then it will first come into effect in the Champions League.

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