Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Spain

Yes, you read that right. Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Spain.

This is the news that is currently making headlines all across the footballing world. According to A Bola, Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Spain in order to change the scenery. Ronaldo is giving serious thoughts to move out of the country to continue his career elsewhere. And this is mainly down to the recent tax fraud allegations that have come up against him.

Recently Madrid’s criminal prosecution system accused Ronaldo of evading €15 million in taxes. The tax authorities claimed that Ronaldo has created shell companies in order to evade taxes generated from various image rights. The authorities claimed that the offences had taken place between the years 2011 and 2014. And they eventually filed a case against the Portuguese international this week.

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Spain and Real Madrid owing to the recent tax fraud allegations.

If found guilty Ronaldo could face as much as 5 years in jail term. But the Real Madrid star was quick to come up with a defence of his own stating that he was is not guilty and all these accusations against him are baseless. But now it looks as if Ronaldo is tired of this situation and wants to move out of Spain.

It has also been reported that Real Madrid as willing to sell Ronaldo off if he is indeed serious about it. The Chinese League, PSG and Manchester United are some of the likely destinations that Ronaldo could head to. A move to the MLS cannot also be ruled out as of yet.

But it looks as if the recent scenarios have really affected him and Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Spain. This news whether true or not will certainly make a lot of teams sit up and take notice.

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