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Will the English players target this Scotland player on Friday?

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Patrik Schick scored a wonder goal for the Czech Republic against Scotland and after the long-range effort, Scotland keeper David Marshall has been at the receiving end of several jokes.

In all fairness, the 36-year-old could do very little to prevent that goal but some rumours claim that the England players could look to target the Scotland keeper when the two sides meet on Friday night.

Sir Kenny Dalglish though believes the culture of riling up of players is long gone and the current crop of English players are not likely to cause any major problems for David Marshall.

He said, as reported by The Irish Independent: “I don’t think you point the finger too much at Marsh.

“It would be remiss of anybody not to applaud the ability of the guy to hit it from almost 50 yards with a huge bend on it to make it even harder for the keeper.

“It’s not as if he’s hit it straight over his head. He’s set it out with a huge draw on it as they say in golf. It’s some awareness and a great delivery as well.

“The (English) can wind anybody up. That’s what they will do beforehand. I don’t think nowadays they will go into it the same way as they did before.

“Before it was taken for granted that there would be a bit of back and forth with the words, a wee bit of a laugh and a joke and some tongue-in-cheek criticism.

“I don’t think they do it any more, it’s not in the remit for the players nowadays.”

Patrik Schick’s shot was almost nonsaveable from David Marshall but the keeper has become an internet meme due to his efforts.

The Scotland keeper though will be eager to keep all the talk and criticism behind him and focus on keeping a clean sheet against Harry Kane and co.

The Derby County keeper played in 33 Championship games during the 20/21 season but he managed to keep only nine clean sheets in those matches, conceding 40 goals.

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