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BREAKING | England found guilty of three misconducts in the semi-final: What’s the punishment?

EURO 2020

England beat Denmark 2-1 in the semi-final of the European Championship but they will now have to cough up €30,000 as a fine for a series of misconducts.

Several issues were raised right after the final, following which UEFA launched an investigation into the matter and now as per the latest updates, the FA has been fined €30,000 for three rule breaches.

The Express are reporting: “The Control Ethics and Disciplinary Body (CEDB) announced the decision on Saturday afternoon, revealing that England had been found guilty of three different charges.

“The first was the use of a laser pointer by supporters, which was evident during Kane’s penalty in extra-time.

“As he prepared to take his kick, cameras spotted a green laser being shone in Schmeichel’s face.

“The second charge is related to the national anthems, which saw the Wembley crowd boo the Danish before a ball had even been kicked.

“And the third was down to fireworks being lit by supporters.”

Thankfully, England have been let off easy with this one but the English media has come out to slam the fan who decided to point the laser at the Denmark keeper.

The Leicester City goalkeeper said, as per The Athletic: “I did not experience it[the laser] on the penalty kick because it was behind me on my right side. But I did experience it in the second half.

“I told the referee. And he went to say something to the other officials.”

As far as the booing of the national anthem is concerned, a repeat of the same is likely to happen when England face Italy in the semi-final on Sunday.

And while a lot of people have spoken against this, pundit Gary Neville has pointed out that this is just a strategy to unsettle the opposition, something which England have faced in the past as well.

“When I played in the different countries and our NA [national anthem] was booed I always took it as the opposition fans trying to unsettle us, drown our fans out and never as some kind of attack on us as people,” Neville wrote on Twitter.

“Same when we did it other teams. Is it really that bad and disrespectful?”

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