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Man United Old Trafford

The European Super League is set to be a reality with the official announcement being made on Sunday. And for the inaugural season, 12 of the best European clubs will be part of this tournament.

The idea of a breakaway league has been around for more than a decade and thanks to the immense financial loss suffered due to the pandemic situation has just helped people like the Glazers and Florentino Perez be able to fast-track this decision.

The European Super League games are expected to be played in midweek, thereby overshadowing all the major European competitions which is something that has not gone down too well with a number of high-profile people. And here are some of the comments from people who have chosen to speak out about the rebel league.

Prince William:

Prince William tweeted from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official Twitter account on Monday saying: “Now, more than ever, we must protect the entire football community – from the top level to the grassroots – and the values of competition and fairness at its core.

“I share the concerns of fans about the proposed Super League and the damage it risks causing to the game we love.”

Sir Alex Ferguson:

The former Man United told Reuters, as reported: “Talk of a Super League is a move away from 70 years of European club football.

“Both as a player for a provincial team Dunfermline in the 60s and as a manager at Aberdeen winning the European Cup Winners’ Cup, for a small provincial club in Scotland it was like climbing Mount Everest. Everton are spending £500million to build a new stadium with the ambition to play in Champions League.

“Fans all over love the competition as it is. In my time at United, we played in four Champions League finals and they were always the most special of nights.”

Luis Figo:

“This so called ‘Superleague’ is anything but ‘Super'” Figo tweeted. “This greedy and callous move would spell disaster for our grassroots, for women’s football, and the wider football community only to serve self-interested owners, who stopped caring about their fans long ago, and complete disregard for sporting merit. Tragic.”

Gary Neville:

“The reaction to it is that it’s been damned, and rightly so,” Neville said on Sky Sports. “I’m a Manchester United fan and have been for 40 years of my life, but I’m disgusted. I’m disgusted by Manchester United and Liverpool most. Liverpool, they pretend that you’ll never walk alone, they’re the peoples club, the fans club. Manchester United, 100 years born out of workers here and they’re breaking away to a league without competition that they can’t be relegated from.

“It’s an absolute disgrace. Honestly, we have to wrestle back the power in this country from the clubs at the top of this league and that includes my club. I’ve been calling for 12 months as part of an independent regulator to bring checks and balances in place to stop this from happening. It’s been pure greed. They’re imposters.”

Jamie Carragher:

“What an embarrassment we’ve become, Liverpool, think of all the people who have come before us at this club who would be equally embarrassed as well,” Carragher tweeted.

Mesut Ozil:

“Kids grow up dreaming to win the World Cup and the Champions League – not any Super League,” Ozil tweeted. “The enjoyment of big games is that they only happen once or twice a year, not every week. Really hard to understand for all football fans out there.”

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