FIFA has just released the Garcia Report: What it means for Russia and Qatar


FIFA has decided to release the 430 page Garcia Report in full one day after was leaked in the German newspaper Bild.

What exactly is the Garcia Report?

Garcia Report was a report that was formulated by Micheal J. Garcia back in 2012. At that time when Garcia was chairman of the Ethics Committee. The report dealt with the findings of his investigations that were carried out after the biddings of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

It was Russia and Qatar that had won the respective biddings. And everyone was crying foul that the voting process might have had a lot of discrepancies. And the Garcia Report was supposed to lift the lid from all the corruptions that had taken place during the selection process.

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Garcia finished his report and handed it over to FIFA in 2014. And everyone expected it to have some explosive content. Finally blowing off the lid from all the corruption that had been going on in FIFA. But instead of making the whole document public, FIFA went ahead and published just a 42 page summary of the whole report. And this claimed that both Russia and Qatar did not indulge in any sort of wrong doings.

But Garcia got really upset with the incident and claimed that the summary misinterpreted his work. Choosing to resign from his post of chairman as a result.

The impact of the full Garcia Report:

Yesterday the full 430-page report got leaked in the German newspaper Bild. And before anyone could point fingers, FIFA themselves decided to make the whole document public.

But even after the release the initial summary from FIFA still holds to be true. Both Russia and Qatar have been cleared from any sort of charges. But what the report does mention is the fact that some of the bidders were walking a real tightrope as far as breaking the rules were concerned.

German newspaper Bild was planning to release the full report in parts over the next few days but before they could do that FIFA has already released the full statement on their official website.

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