Frank Lampard has really worked wonders with Chelsea ever since he took charge of the club during the summer but during the past week, he’s been under some pressure.

Last weekend Chelsea lost to Man City and then went on to draw their Champions League group game vs Valencia 2-2. And just when Frank Lampard was hoping to get things back on track by beating West Ham, Pellegrini’s men have now walked away from the Bridge with a 1-0 win.

These set of results have put some unnecessary pressure on Frank Lampard during the past couple of days especially since they are just about hanging on their top-four spot.

But speaking after the loss to the Hammers, the Chelsea manager revealed that he always had the hunch that such a tough phase would eventually dawn upon his side.

‘Shocked isn’t the word,’ Frank Lampard told the Chelsea FC.

‘I think the Premier League is what it is, no game is easy or given to you. I’m disappointed with it rather than shocked.

‘Generally, collectively, we can handle that game better, and I think that is part of the process. I don’t think this will be the worst thing for us, as long as we react in the right way, because I keep hearing positive great stories about us over the last six or eight weeks.

‘I always try to close my ears to them because I don’t like them because I understand what this league is and the fight that we’re in over the course of the season and there will be moments like this.

‘We were never going to come through a season as invincibles or anything, it just was not going to be the way, so when these moments come their little tests for all of us and we have to pass them.

‘We were below par in many parts of our game, it’s not one, but we didn’t do enough in the final third. That’s been a little bit of the story in our last three games. They were different, with Man City we got in the final third a lot and didn’t do quite enough with our choice of pass or cross or shot, similar to Valencia.

‘Today we didn’t get in there quite as much, but we need to be more inventive and generally, we have been this season. My gripe this season has been more that we’re not converting enough of the chances that we’re making. Today wasn’t quite that, we didn’t quite create enough.’

The two successive losses mean Chelsea remains fourth on the Premier League table with 26 points and Spurs have managed to close their gap to only six points.

Next up the Blues take on Aston Villa in the Premier League but their clash vs Spurs later this month will surely be the acid test for Frank Lampard.

If Frank Lampard can manage to win that game then surely they will stake the biggest claim amongst all the other challengers for the Champions League spot.

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