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English Premier League

There’s much to love about life as a football fan. The English Premier League boasts many of the top stars in today’s game. The excitement seems to ramp up each season as the best coaches on the planet go to battle for the league title.

With Fantasy Premier League (FPL), millions of fans test their mettle against each other, fancying themselves as the next Jürgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, or Thomas Tuchel.

Getting to the top in FPL nowadays is no mean feat, however. Knowing what’s involved, FPL wannabe-champions must use every tool available to them on the world wide web. That commitment can certainly be worth it though. Just find the leagues with cash prizes and other great merchandise on offer. It could all be a very rewarding experience for you! And you get to win while experiencing the sport you are probably already a fan of. Not bad!

What Are Predicted Lineups in Fantasy Football?

If you’ve graced the many hundreds of football websites or FPL tips sites out there, you are probably familiar with the term ‘predicted lineups’. Some sites just throw together a likely starting eleven for the top clubs in the Premier League. Other sites will be far more thorough in their dealings with this subject. They will also give you a predicted lineup for every team that’s playing in the upcoming gameweek – all 20 of them if that’s the case.

Find a site that works for you, based on its user interface, the reading style conveyed, and the data provided. Is it accurate and up-to-date? You may need to study some of the sites on your shortlist for a week or two to find out which is the best choice.

Before every gameweek deadline, just visit your favourite FPL tips site and navigate to their predicted Premier League lineups page. You’ll come to know that the information you find on the predicted lineups page will influence many of your fantasy football decisions. Be sure not to do your transfers before seeing who’s likely to play or not play in each round. It can also assist you with picking your captain and vice-captain as well as prioritising those on your substitutes bench.

On the best sites, you won’t just be offered a predicted starting eleven for each club. You could be presented with some much-needed fixture analysis too. This basically puts a difficulty rating on each team’s upcoming games, showing you how likely they are to be ‘successful’ in a specific match. That’s vital data when you want to know how difficult or ‘easy’ your FPL players have it in the near future.

There may be probabilities as well. In conjunction with bookmakers, you could get the probabilities of each player scoring in a gameweek, a team keeping a clean sheet, the likelihood of over 2.5 goals in a game, and the probability of players netting a hat-trick!
Make it a regular part of your FPL routine to check the predicted lineups pages before the deadline. Set reminders on your phone if you must. Yes, get the basics right first!

Why Players Miss the Action in the Premier League

In short, it’s pretty straightforward why players can be out of action. Mainly, it’s due to injuries and suspensions. Finding out how to know which players are injured and suspended at any given stage of the season is something to learn. You can watch all the Sky Sports News you want and listen to as much radio as possible but that won’t be enough really. We think it’s better to simplify the process for yourself. It’s the same as with the predicted lineups. Find the sites that provide up-to-the-minute information for everyone. You can keep tabs on each team’s current injury list therein and it means a quick scan of this page or pages will only take you a few minutes each week.

We recommend using the official FPL site to view the disciplinary list and see what players are suspended and how many games each one is expected to miss. A priceless information for all FPL managers.

Five yellow cards accumulated will lead to a one-match ban. The same punishment applies for a straight red card in a game for a professional foul. More significant bans can be given for dissent or violent conduct so be sure to check that naughty list!

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