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Harry Kane to Man Utd

Harry Kane has been the best centre-forward in the Premier League for some years now and there’s a big chance that Spurs might finally cash in on him this summer.

Clubs like Manchester United, PSG and Real Madrid are being constantly linked with the 27-year-old and according to finance expert Kevin Maguire, Daniel Levy will play the most influential role in deciding whether Harry Kane joins a new side or not.

Maguire told Football Insider: “It will all come down to Daniel Levy and what his ambitions are.

“Kane’s on £200,000 per week and he’s had that for three years, he’ll have earned more than £30m in the last three years. He could afford to take a pay cut and still never have to work again once he’s finished his football career.

“So that isn’t an issue. It’s more of a case of how keen Spurs are to sell him.

“They’ve had an okay but unspectacular season. Had it not been for Harry Kane it would have been far worse. So he is worth an awful lot of money to them. Levy is a top negotiator and would only do a deal at the right price.”

Can anyone afford Harry Kane this summer?

Erling Haaland is expected to be the talk of the town in the summer but don’t be surprised if Daniel Levy manages to land a world record fee for Harry Kane.

Levy is one of the fiercest negotiators in Europe right now and given the financial hit that Spurs have taken due to the pandemic, there’s a big chance that he will have no other option but to sell a star player this summer.

Last summer, there were reports that Spurs would ask for around £180 million for the sale of Harry Kane and we are sure Daniel Levy will once again quote such an extravagant fee.

Teams like Man United and Real Madrid do have the capability of paying such a massive fee but we feel both of them will try and sign Haaland first. And if they fail only then will they make a move for Harry Kane.

Mourinho will obviously not want to see his biggest asset move out in the summer but if Daniel Levy is looking to balance off the books then the manager will have very little say in it.

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