Eden Hazard Real Madrid
Eden Hazard playing for Chelsea

Chelsea’s Premier League fixtures for 2018-19 have come out and the Blues will be hoping that they can get back into the Champions League after finishing 5th on the league table during the 201-18 season.

Chelsea are yet to sack their manager Antonio Conte(as and when this article was published) but the fans are pretty sure that the Blues will name a new manager in the upcoming weeks.

So, here’s Chelsea’s Premier League fixtures for 2018-19:


11: Huddersfield Town (a)

18: Arsenal (h)

25: Newcastle United (a)


1: Bournemouth (h)

15: Cardiff City (h)

22: West Ham United (a)

29: Liverpool (h)


6: Southampton (a)

20: Manchester United (h)

27: Burnley (a)


3: Crystal Palace (h)

10: Everton (h)

24: Tottenham Hotspur (a)


1: Fulham (h)

4: Wolves (a)

8: Manchester City (h)

15: Brighton (a)

22: Leicester City (h)

26: Watford (a)

29: Crystal Palace (a)


1: Southampton (h)

12: Newcastle United (h)

19: Arsenal (a)

29: Bournemouth (a)


2: Huddersfield Town (h)

9: Manchester City (a)

23: Brighton (h)

27: Tottenham Hotspur (h)


2: Fulham (a)

9: Wolves (h)

16: Everton (a)

30: Cardiff City (a)


6: West Ham United (h)

13: Liverpool (a)

20: Burnley (h)

27: Manchester United (a)


4: Watford (h)

12: Leicester City (a)

If we take a good look at Chelsea’s Premier League fixtures for 2018-19 we can see that the Blues take on one big club every month apart from March and May of 2019.

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