Bruno Fernandes Man United
Bruno Fernandes

Man United overcame the FC Copenhagen test in Germany on Monday and it was Bruno Fernandes who scored the only goal of the game.

The Portuguese converted from the penalty spot during extra-time after Anthony Martial was brought down inside the box by a Copenhagen defender.

Once the match was over, the Man United manager was caught chatting with Copenhagen captain Zeca(with Bruno Fernandes beside his side) and it was during this conversation that the Norwegian boss revealed as to when the Portuguese gets angry with him.

Here’s the conversation in full(as reported by Mirror):

Zeca: “Thank you very much for everything you have done in Manchester United.”

Solskjaer: “Oh, we are trying to get it back. We’re trying. He’s helping [gestures to Fernandes].

Zeca: “He’s an amazing player.”

Solskjaer: “This boy is helping! He’s a little bit angry when I take him off.”

Zeca: “I was a little bit angry that you didn’t take him [sign him] before.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was obviously joking but there’s no denying that Bruno Fernandes has made a massive impact at Manchester United ever since he joined the club at the start of the current year.

It’s fair to say that he along with Paul Pogba have been the driving force in helping Man United get back into the Champions League next season.

Next up, Man United will take on the winner of the Wolves vs Sevilla game in the semi-final on Sunday.

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