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Almost all of football in Europe is currently suspended due to the ongoing medical crisis across the globe but UEFA along with FIFA are trying their best to make sure the domestic leagues can be finished during the summer.

All the leagues have a large number of matches remaining and UEFA is determined to help these countries wrap up the 2019-20 season as soon as possible. And in a bid to do so, the governing body of football in Europe has already shifted the EURO to the next summer and has also postponed other tournaments like the Champions League and the Europa League.

A number of pundits and top-level politicians have urged the authorities not to be too hasty in bringing back football since right now, the well being of everyone is of the utmost importance.

But ex-Liverpool and Tottenham transfer chief Damien Comolli has now made a very valid argument as to why the 2019-20 season should be wrapped up in its entirety.

“There are millions of fans who cannot come into stadiums and will be happy to have something else – at night or during the day – to think about, away from the virus and all the issues they’ve got to think about,” he told Sky Sports.

“I think having football on TV would be a positive, personally. I wouldn’t be surprised if we can’t play without any fans until the end of 2020 – not just the end of this season.

“People say we shouldn’t be playing behind closed doors to finish this season, but what about next season.”

Should football in Europe resume asap?

This is a perfectly legitimate point since some rumours have suggested that UEFA also wants football in Europe to return as soon as possible so that the people who are stuck at home get some form of entertainment and reason to remain indoors.

Right now a lot of plans are being proposed on how the various leagues should be finished but in almost all the plans, the matches will have to be played behind closed doors in front of empty seats.

There’s no way the football fans in Europe will be allowed inside stadiums during the remainder of this season and according to virologist Alexander Kekule who is the director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the University Medical Centre Halle / Saale, there’s a big chance that matches will have to be played behind closed doors for the whole of this calendar year.

“I wouldn’t plan anything with fans this season,” he had said recently.

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Empty stadiums could be a part of football in Europe for the whole of 2020.

“I would be pessimistic. It doesn’t look like something that we can seriously consider.”

Obviously this will be a huge setback for football in Europe since a number of players have admitted that football without fans inside the stadiums is not too great a feeling.

Apart from this, almost all the clubs will have to suffer a financial setback if they cannot fill up the stands but as things stand if the 2019-20 season resumes then the only way the fans can watch it is on the television.

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