Sadio Mane Liverpool
Sadio Mane Liverpool

Liverpool have now suffered three consecutive losses in the Premier League and next up, they face another uphill battle as they take on RB Leipzig in the Champions League.

The Anfield outfit looked lacklustre when Man United knocked them out of the FA Cup in the 4th Round. But since then the Liverpool players have upped their game and in almost every subsequent games, they have played some fine football.

But still, Liverpool have dropped so many points in the past few weeks and right before their Champions League game, Jurgen Klopp tried to explain why his side’s performance graph has taken a nosedive.

He said in his pre-match press conference: “If you are with us, you see the situation, you follow through all the weeks and months since the season starts – then you can see easily that it’s a summary or mix of different things that happened.

“It’s now not the time to explain it or whatever, I think you can really see it. Yes, we had not-so-good games and now in the last few games we played absolutely more than [that].

“At Manchester United, don’t forget, in the cup – not in the situation we are in and all these kind of things – played there a really good game. Lost it, yes, but performance-wise it was a good performance. Then we played two really good away games.

“And then we started losing again, but by playing not-bad football. Brighton showed now meanwhile in the period against everybody how good they are and how they play really proper football. Yes, we lost, slightly unlucky, but they were good. The next two games we were really good and were really in the game, we forced ourselves to play confident football. It’s all fine.

“In the end, we didn’t get anything because we made individual mistakes. That was not always the case, but now it was about individual mistakes. Before that there were some other reasons and injuries had a big part in it, we cannot ignore that, just because it changed everything.

“A football team is like building a house – if the foundation is not right then it’s always a little bit shaky and the wind will go through it. I said it before. We cannot change that, but we work with it and on it. That’s what we did all the time. But it’s the Premier League and we are Liverpool and nobody is happy with being fourth and 40 points and only level on points with Everton and all these kind of things.

“That’s completely fine. I have no problem with that. We have to deal with the situation. We cannot constantly talk about it, we have to sort it. And that’s what we try. I can see that on the pitch, that we work really hard on it.

“But after the game people talk about the result and [say] ‘they were not good enough in the last two or three weeks’ – we know that but we still have to keep going.”

Jurgen Klopp’s side have conceded 32 goals in the Premier League so far and a number of them have come due to poor defensive decisions. The likes of Alisson, Nathaniel Williams and Alexander-Arnold have made a series of mistakes during the course of the season and most often than not, these have hurt Liverpool very badly.

Liverpool will face a really strong side in RB Leipzig on Tuesday and the German side have lost just three games in their 21 Bundesliga matches so far.

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