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Rangers FC have managed to reclaim the SPFL crown this past season by moving back to the top of the league table and the Gers have been one of the most solid and entertaining sides to have won the Scottish Premiership in recent decades.

After multiple years of Celtic dominance, Rangers FC finally broke the monopoly by winning 32 out of their 38 league matches. They did not suffer a single league loss during the 2020/21 season meaning they managed to cross the 100-point barrier while Celtic ended the season 25 points behind them.

And the win also means Steven Gerrard’s side will have a shot at playing in the Champions League next season which according to transfer expert Kieran Maguire can give the Scottish side major leverage in the summer transfer market.

“Rangers have two things to offer that EFL clubs can’t,” he told Football Insider. “The first is that they are playing in front of 47,000 people every week.

“They’ve also got the chance to play in the group stages of the Champions League. That gives players a financial incentive.

“It also the opportunity to play at the highest level in an individual country and also in Europe’s premier competition. That will certainly give them an edge. They can now compete financially with the biggest clubs in the Championship.

“I think clubs in the Championship have suffered disproportionately due to the pandemic because of the nature of the business model.

“So now is the right time to buy if you’re Rangers because you imagine they’d have quite a big advantage.”

Historically, the Scottish sides have always been behind the English teams in the transfer market despite Rangers and Celtic being the most successful SPFL teams.


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Players will any day choose to play for a Premier League or even an EFL Championship side instead of coming to Ibrox or Park Head but according to Maguire, all that could change this summer.

Firstly, Rangers have proved their worth by putting on a fine display this past season and to make things even more glittery, they are currently being managed by Steven Gerrard.

The Liverpool legend surely has an allure about him and we can guarantee a number of players will be ready to play under him next season, rather than sweating it out in the second and third tier of English football.

But the only major obstacle for Rangers FC in trying to bring in these big players will be the finances since the Gers have always been a selling club so even if one of their top priority targets do agree to join them, they will have to gather funds by mostly selling their current stars.

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