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The Arsenal vs Liverpool clash in the Carabao Cup has already been postponed once and as per fresh reports, the 2nd leg is in danger of being deferred again.

The 1st leg was initially postponed due to a series of COVID cases within the Liverpool camp but eventually, all those cases(barring one) had turned out to be false-positive cases.

Now, the 2nd leg could be delayed because Arsenal might not have the required number of players to name a full squad on Thursday. According to a report in i News, the EFL could postpone the Arsenal vs Liverpool game.

Why will the Gunners ask to postpone the 2nd leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final?

Arsenal had successfully managed to postpone last Sunday’s North London Derby as the Premier League was convinced that the Gunners did not have players to field a strong-enough side.

And the same could be the case for the Carabao Cup fixture as well.

As things stand, Arsenal have as many as 12 first-team players missing due to various reasons – some have left for the AFCON, while some are recovering from injuries.

Will the Arsenal vs Liverpool game be postponed?

The 1st leg of the semi-final was postponed at Liverpool’s request but later Jurgen Klopp had admitted that apart from TAA, none of the players were actually positive.

So, we don’t think Liverpool will be coming out to challenge the fact that Arsenal want to delay the 2nd leg.

But, on the other hand, the footballing community was not happy with the Premier League delaying the North London Derby despite the fact that Arsenal only have one COVID positive absentee.

Apart from Martin Odegaard, all the other absentees are out for various other standard reasons and these are very much a part and parcel of the game. So the EFL could come under heavy criticism if they choose to postpone Thursday’s Arsenal vs Liverpool match.

We will have to wait and see how this situation pans out but if the PL can go ahead and delay the NLD then the EFL could very well use this as a benchmark and walk on the same path – despite widespread criticism. Arsenal will have to show they do not have enough players to name a squad of 13 first-team players including one goalkeeper.

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