Premier League in China
Premier League in China

The Premier League is currently suspended till the 30th of April and right now the officials are busy finding out a way to finish the remainder of the games in the 2019-20 season.

Right now most of the EPL sides have played 29 matches in the league while some have played 28 meaning there are close 100 matches which still needs to be played.

And while major reports have till date claimed that the league could resume behind closed doors sometime in the month of June or July but now according to a report in the Athletic, there are suggestions that the Premier League could carry out their remaining matches in China.

“The country that keeps getting proposed is China. It just doesn’t make any sense. It is a crazy idea and I think it will get firmly rejected,” the report said.

“If we were to pick up the Premier League and move it to another part of the world right now we’d get absolutely slaughtered. Somebody accused us the other day of being in a bubble.

“I feel a little bit like they are right at the moment – even though I am not, I can see why people think we are.

“It’s just a waste of energy. Let’s just say we all want to start the league and life,” another Premier League club director said of the idea of playing games in China.

“Unfortunately only God and the pandemic can make this decision. And it does not look likely.”

Will the Premier League move to China?

Well, the coronavirus outbreak spread from China but the Asian country has since recovered fairly well and right now it seems like they have been able to ward off the epidemic wave.

Also, a number of Premier League sides have a huge fan base in China meaning gathering crowds to fill up stadiums should not be a cause of concern for the authorities.

But having said all this, the cost of shifting the whole setup to a totally new country in another continent is not only a logistical challenge but also a financial once.

So while we can understand the authorities scouting each and every possible solution to wrap up the season but we don’t think this option will see the light of the day in the coming weeks.

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