Jose Mourinho fires shots at his predecessors and its not pretty at all


Jose Mourinho has once again come out to make some bold statements that is sure to ruffle some feathers off his predecessors – David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Jose Mourinho claimed that he was still trying to undo the damages that were caused by the managers that came before him and after Sir Alex Ferguson. According to Mourinho, the managers that came before him – both Moyes and Van Gaal made a series of mistakes, especially in the transfer market. The Portuguese was pretty straightforward with his words and said that if he would have been the manager at that point of time he wouldn’t have sold some of the players or in fact sanctioned some of the buys.

“When I arrived in the first season there was already investments made in buying players, changing the squad, selling players, that you probably would have done in a different way,” he told Sky Sports.

“For sure I would have kept some of the players that were sold, for sure I would not buy some of the players that were bought.

“I just think that the second season is a good season for evolution in relation to the first season because in the first season you arrive and sometimes, like in my case, I was not even able to organise a pre-season because it had already been organised. I couldn’t have one single finger of influence on it.

“In the second season, you have your influence at that level. You have better conditions to work and get those results. But you are playing against other teams whose managers are in the third or second or fourth or fifth seasons. So second may not be a big advantage.”

Both the managers who came before Jose Mourinho honestly made a series of blunders. First, there was David Moyes who failed to bring in any sort of big signings apart from Juan Mata and maybe Marouane Fellaini(if he falls in the category of big players). Then came the Louis Van Gaal era where the Dutchman chose to get rid of the so-called dead woods. And in doing so the Ex-Bayern manager sold of some really good players – namely Javier Hernandez and Robin Van Persie.

In fact, Jose Mourinho had earlier claimed that if he was the manager at that exact time then he wouldn’t have sold Hernandez off – primarily due to his goalscoring abilities. Even Robin Van Persie had said that he would have spent atleast a few more years at United if Sir Alex would have been at the helm.

Now the next biggest question is that who would Jose Mourinho not have bought if he was the manager before his time actually started at United?

Any thoughts?

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