Liverpool legend trolls Manchester United

The FA has come out with a new power and they are calling it the “Successful Deception of a Match Official”. Well, the name says it all basically.

What happens in this power is that if a player is found guilty of bending the rules through an act of simulation then he will face a suspension with retrospective effect. This new rule has been the new talk of the footballing world. Many people are in support of it as they feel that a simulation is clearly an act of unfairness. On the other hand, there are a certain group of people who are opposed to the new rule.

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And among this somewhat heated debate, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has managed to take a sly dig at Manchester United. According to his comments, Manchester United are likely to face a lot more problems from next season onwards. Carragher is obviously referring to Manchester United’s previous efforts to try and tarnish the image of other teams and players through simulation.

Crystal Palace manager Sam Allardyce is among those people who has been quite vocal against the new power. He feels that banning players retrospectively on the grounds of simulation is ‘utter rubbish’.

Here are some reactions from Twitter: