Looks like the Spanish title is slipping away from Barcelona


Barcelona can see the La Liga title slipping away from their grasps as they draw against Real Betis away from home. Having said that credit must be given to Betis who pull in a superb display to stop the Catalan giants. In many ways, Barcelona were lucky to get the point as they played some really unimaginative football.

Breaking the Barcelona model:

Barcelona’sbuildingor builing an attack from the back line is something known by almost everyone. Betis just cut that off in the match and Barca were found wanting. Betis kept on pressing high up the pitch and as a result, Barcelona kept giving the ball away. Everyone could feel that Barcelona needed to shift to plan B but Luis Enrique though otherwise. Rakitic continuously kept giving the ball away as Betis hounded him whenever he had possession. Barcelona clearly missed the services of Busquets and Iniesta who were both absent due to injuries.

Highlight of the match, a goal that never happened:

Betis scored in the 75th minute of the match to go up 1-0. Barcelona came up with an immediate response. But the goal was somehow not awarded. It was clearly visible that the Betis player had cleared the ball after it had gone into the net. But the referee though otherwise and waved to play on. Everyone was clearly surprised at the referring decision as it looked a goal even to the naked eye. This will definitely be the talk of the town for some time now.

Madrid are the happiest:

Barcelona had the golden chance to go top of the table but after this defeat, they are now one point behind league leaders Real Madrid. The difference in points may not seem much but at the end of the day even one point can make a huge difference.