Erik ten Hag Manchester United
Erik ten Hag Manchester United

Man United have gotten past the Arsenal test, beating them 3-1 at Old Trafford but Erik ten Hag is keeping his feet firmly planted to the ground.

The Red Devils picked up their fourth win in a row and this win was particularly important because Arsenal are the current Premier League leaders. This was Arsenal’s first loss of the season so naturally, the Man United players will be very buoyant but Ten Hag has made it clear that his team is far off from being title contenders.

“We have to get better if you want to win trophies in the end,” Ten Hag said, as quoted.

“I understand fans that they dream and, of course, the standards of Man United has to be high, but we are all in the start of a process. We are still far away.

“We have to get doing things much better than we do now. And that is an investment. We have to go that way together every day, bringing that high standard to [the training ground at] Carrington.

“The players know we have to get better if you want to win trophies in the end. What we have to do is win every game.”

Can Man United genuinely become title contenders?

Arsenal were actually the better side on Sunday but it’s the three points that matter and this win will give Man United a lot of confidence.
This victory puts them within three points off the top of the table and their next two matches are very much winnable.

After the first two losses, Man United have dusted themselves back up and they are finally looking like a proper team where each player knows exactly what he is doing. Everyone has each other’s back and they are willing to fight until the end.

These qualities were completely missing last season but it looks like Erik Ten Hag has worked really hard to bring everyone on the same wavelength. The manager has been backed in the transfer market and up until now, every move that Ten Hag has taken has helped improve the quality of the team.

He still has a lot of work to do but after many seasons a manager finally has a set of players who are willing to work as per the gameplan.

Obviously, they are miles away from the likes of Man City and Liverpool but if they can keep grinding out wins then very soon they will be in the run to pick up silverwares.

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